Lesson 5 from Bean / by Liz Thorpe

5. Don't be attached to the outcome. Be attached to what the path to the outcome shows you about who you are and what you desire.

I started thinking about this vis a vis labor but its universal applicability is far more significant. That baby. That experience. That relationship. That job opportunity. The right one will happen, and the one that doesn’t happen just wasn’t supposed to. It’s not because I did something wrong or he’s out to get me, it’s because it wasn’t ever going to happen. I didn't lose it. I never had it. And I wasn't supposed to.

What did happen, what is meant to keep, is what I realized mattered, along the way. I understand a little bit more of myself, what gratifies me, what brings me joy and that’s for keeps. So whether the baby is born under water to a chorus of angels or I have an emergency Caesarean section in the back of a taxi, I know what I want to feel like and I still control that.

While I was pretty sure the C-section by taxi wasn’t gonna happen, this one gave me a lot to mull on vis a vis new work projects. I "lost" two in two days. I'm also learned how to name my price without shame, and stick to it. Even when people walk away. And I'm telling myself that people who muck up my ideas of how it's supposed to go are there to remind me that it wasn't actually ever supposed to go that way.